New K7 -impressions from a K10d owner

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Re: New K7 -impressions from a K10d owner

RBellavance wrote:

KNL wrote:

I am sure these are in the manuals but as you can see, I am not agreat fan of it. For me, briefly:

1) the display on the LCD distracts my ability to focus (did get this from the K10D)

The status screen ? Probably the first thing I turned off when I got my K-7: 3rd tab of the "Shooting" menu, uncheck "Status Screen".

I meant did NOT. Thanks for the tip.

2) I still do not know how to turn off SR (again, I am sure it is in the manual, where as it was just depressing a button on the k10D)

Info -> 4-way to navigate to SR (bottom-right corner) -> rear e-dial.

The "Info" screen remembers where you were last time you accessed it, so if you don't use it for anything else, SR toggle is only 1 button press + 1 click of e-dial away.

This saves me thr trouble flippinmg through the manual. Thanks Richard


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