SB-800 Woes... HELP.

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Re: SB-800 Woes... What about temperature?

arachnophilia wrote:

oh, that's "normal". the sb-800 doesn't lock into the hotshoe very well, and wobbles a little. it will occasionally make intermittent contact where it shouldn't, and fire a pre-flash all by itself. this isn't too bad, but can be needlessly distracting. it's much, much worse it randomly decides to fire off the modeling light.

In six years I've never had a wobble problem with my SB-800. And I've used it with my D300 for over two years now. But my problem just started.

count yourself lucky. it's a known issue, but it doesn't happen to everyone, or with every flash/camera. it was particularly problematic on certain cameras, such as the d200, so i'd imagine it probably has something to do with the hotshoe too. might have fixed it for the d300.

I guess so. I used it without problems on my D70 and my D200 as well.

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