Fuji HS10 issues!

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Re: Luck issues...

I'm well aware of that.... i own a Nikon F401x ... a 35mm film camera ... and a Glitt 35mm ...

The main issue for me is to know if HS10 is or not enough (i really like the manual lens and the way of the camera handling ISO)... price wise, GH1 looks expensive, but video mode works amazingly (image quality of stills is obviously better... maybe too much for me) and lens can always be changed to fit the needs - but that increases cost, what takes me into a recursive doubt cycle...

GH1 costs 1700€ officially in my country (with 14-140mm lens) ... from a non-official store it goes to 1400€ (unknown supplier), buying it from a French supplier it's almost 1300€ and finally from UK it goes to 1100€ with 2-year warranty.... ah yes... in Japan (Japanese firmware) it cost 900€ >

HS10 official price is unknown for me, but looking around it is priced from 375€ to 475€ ... i'm well aware that these two cameras are completely different animals, however they both grab some images and they both do some video....

That reminds me that my watch costs 320€ here, but by driving 40miles to the neighborhood country it goes to 140€ (i don't have such luck with GH1)... I need to change country > _

Well... a friend of mine and an uncle are pushing me into buying a interchangeable lens camera... to me it's just hard to release such amount of money for anything (no matter if it's a laptop, a camera or even a car...)

Hmmm... time will tell ... GH1 with the firmware hacks looks pretty nice and the ability to change lens is always a nice feature (but it reminds me that more lens means more money, space and weight)

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