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I agree with you. Considering the price of Lightroom, why should I need to develop profiles?

One fault in the thinking of profile generation is an assumption that a solution is linear. My experience so far with a single profile solution seems to indicate otherwise. For example, a profile that works pretty well at low iso doesn't necessarily work well at high iso.

speedlink wrote:

Jerre wrote:

I would agree that for me colors are off and bland in any version of Lightroom. I always spend a lot of time having to tweak photos. I have other programs that do a better job with no tweaking, especially ACDSee. Same issue with printing from Lightroom.

I could not agree more!
Colors in LR are way out when you are working with ARW files.

For example very unpleasing skin-tones In my case skin looks to red compared to Sony IDC and DxO.

Yeah I know "make your own color profile bla bla bla."
Its not my job. I paid them to do it for me.

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