Help/Advice on my Site and my Career Path?

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Help/Advice on my Site and my Career Path?

Hello All,

I have been a member & lurker on this site for a very long time and have learned lots of great tips as well as had some help on issues. Now I am hoping to get some advice.

I have been into Photography as a hobby for 10 years now, and a budding business for 5. About 3 years ago I was doing very well, booking about 2 or 3 events a month and satisfying my customers. Unfortunately our house was robbed and all of my gear was stolen, at the same time I got pregnant and have since had 2 children. Now, after a few years off I am trying to get back into the grind of things but I am finding so many problems.

Mainly, my style is not what is being desired anymore...everyone wants these artsy, contrasty, edgy photos, whereas my old portfolio is mainly just your classic simple shots.

Processing, everyone wants these heavily processed, STRONG photos, and I have minimal processing skills. All I have is Adobe Lightroom, which I love but is nothing like CS#.

So my dilemma is where do I start??? I want someone to take a chance on me and hire me so I can update my portfolio and show them I know how to do the edgy stuff that is in, but at the same time I don’t want to work 12-15 hours covering a wedding solo for FREE. Plus I know that really upsets the REAL pros when other people offer these very challenging services for free as it robs them of potential clients.

I have emailed some local photographers to see if I can shadow them for a few weddings, for free and providing my shots to them, and no one will take me up on it.

I am at a loss here, I love photography, I truly do, but I am simply stuck going nowhere.

Please check out my site and feel free to tear it and me apart if need be. I scrapped my old site and am building this one new so it still needs some work…I plan to rearrange the albums and put the first one (Art) last as I have barely any photos in it and it is not anything anyone would hire me over.

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