HS10 - Reasons for Return

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Re: HS10 - Reasons for Return

AVMP wrote:

Hopefully, Fuji will further develop the HS10 concept and deliver a slightly shorter range lens with better IQ. I have a gut feeling however that the next one will be 12 MP model and negate any advancement in the IQ department. Maybe I'm wrong and I hope I'm wrong, but that has been the trend. Bye, bye HS10.

I hope you're wrong too but I believe you are correct. Fuji's current trends are to produce lower and lower quality cameras filled with useless "features". Maybe they will pull a Canon and realize that they are heading down a path that is truly a dead end. But since Fuji's cameras are no where near as good as the competition, they have to spec them up real well to "market" them to people who have no appreciation for quality.

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