ZS3 - 3:2 or 4:3?

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Guy Parsons
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16:9 is my way

An LX3 user butting in here. It has a body switch choice of 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and menu choice of 1:1.

I made the decision to always shoot 16:9 horizontal so the results better match the normal current TV screens and computer monitors, as that is how I suspect most of the results will be shown. It of course matches the LX3 16:9 video. Must get around to making those holiday slide shows......

Then if I want to make a family album of prints or a say blurb.com type of book then I need to crop those 16:9 images to the necessary ratio to suit the paper. To that end I always tend to frame a bit sloppily so the edges can be lost and no heartache.

Only when I would attempt to make say an A3 size print would I bother to try and frame more exactly and switch to a matching aspect ratio so not too many pixels get lost. For postcard prints I can crop almost 3x linearly to turn that 60mm lens into nearly 180mm, and the result is still good looking, so that is handy.

My wife tends to frame too tightly (camera club habit, trying to break it) and that leaves her no room to manoeuvre when making a print in a different aspect ratio.

So in the end it is OK to choose any aspect ratio, but make sure you leave something around the subject that can be sacrificed for printing to whatever aspect ratio paper you choose.

Of course normal photo lab printing is "full bleed" meaning that they overshoot the edges a bit to get the borderless effect, that means they crop a little off your image anyway, so be prepared for that small loss even if choosing to shoot the same aspect ratio as the paper.

Regards.......... Guy

photous wrote:

My purpose is to get 4x6 or 5x7 prints, and to make photobooks mostly standard 8x11 size. What format should I take my pictues in ZS3 - 3:2 or 4:3? Obviously, when I use 3:2, it puts a bar on the screen to show what will be cut. Any experienced users, please assist. Thanks.

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