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d1738 wrote:

Thank you claypaws! It is very useful information for me. I think I will just use AUTO DR for now. In your work flow, what do you loss if you set the camera as AUTO DR? I thought that you can still change the DR from HS-V3, no?

You are welcome, David. As I said, yes you can change the DR in HS-V3 so my workflow would not actually lose anything by setting auto in the camera. However, since I know that I always want to convert with 400% DR, it would involve me in the extra step of altering it from auto to 400% on every conversion.

You have noticed that there is a big difference between 100% and auto. There is a smaller difference between auto and 400%. But it occurs sufficiently often that, as a routine, I prefer to fix on 400%. In any case, I PP all my images.

For my coming trip, I am not sure whether I should shoot raw as the files are very large. Perhaps I will mainly shoot jpeg, and switch to jpeg+raw when I think the shoot is important or difficult.

That is a decision which only you can make. If storage space is a problem on the trip then shooting jpeg makes sense. Raw does not give a huge amount of benefit if you do not intend to carry out extensive PP and if you can get the exposure correct. So an alternative approach, if the subject allows it, is to bracket exposures. Five jpegs still take up half the space of one raw file. Your method of routine jpeg, reserving raw + jpeg for difficult situations, is a sensible one which many follow.

To work on the raw, I don't have the software HS-V3 (years ago it sold separately with the camera). The software FinePix Studio which comes with the camera seems able to change the DR and producing jpeg or tiff from the 24M raw. Perhaps I will use that to produce jpeg, and then switch to Aperture 3 or Adobe CS4 for the rest. Is that a reasonable thing to do? rather than using Aperture or CS4 to work directly on the raw files?

That is a perfectly sensible approach. My own workflow is:
Raw > HS-V3 > 16 bit tiff > Photoshop (CS2).

Finepix Studio produces exactly the same output as HS-V3 if you shoot in standard film sim mode. The only differences with Studio are that you cannot alter the film sim and you cannot batch process with different settings for each raw file. That latter difference is the reason I think it worth buying HS-V3. I always use standard film sim.

I do not know Aperture. But I generally prefer the HS-V3 output to Adobe's output. Many users are perfectly happy with a workflow based entirely on CSx or Lightroom.

HS-V3 was not included with my S5 either. I bought it. Small cost compared to camera and lenses. And all costs are small compared to travelling to shooting locations!
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