Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Re: It's still a bad idea and a waste of money

While I agree that you can’t do much with shallow DOF WA on a crop camera it is far from a “must do” for majority of people. A lot of photographers, including some very best ones (think liquidstone, Juza…), probably have never even thought about shooting thin DOF WA. On the same token there are things one could learn better from shooting crop and telephoto lenses, such as how to minimize camera/lens shake, that you have less chance to learn from using a full frame camera.

Using my experience as an example I would say 90+% of my photographic knowledge and skills were acquired in the 3 years I was shooting 20D. It’s hard for me to believe cameras like that can’t be useful to help people learn the craft even for those whose want to acquire very advanced skills. The only thing significant I learned from my latest and greatest 7D is now I forgo the focus and recompose and am using AI servo and move around the AF points to fit the composition most the time. This, incidentally, cannot be learned from 5DII. Either way imo to spend 80% of your budget for a “teaching camera” is really a waste of money. Half of that is down the drain by the time you actually are ready to decide what you want to do.

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