Low light candids - Stabilization or Speed?

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Re: Low light candids - Stabilization or Speed?

OK, the best news is that - right now while you are coughing up a ton of cash for cribs, change tables, diapers, clothes, car seats, etc - you get to wait for a lot of your decisions on this.


Because your baby just isn't going to go anywhere for a while! So rather than trying to sell an argument that you need to spend a ton on yourself right now, you can just focus on getting ready for the big day with your wife.

The 50 1.8 you have is great for an infant. Upgrading to a 50 1.4 would be nice, but so would adding an 85 f1.8 to let you shoot from a bit further off to catch baby and mommy in candids. Yep, a couple of hundred on the 851.8 is all you need this month. It will be next year that the costs mount up, but for now focus on getting the nursery in order!

Because in about 9 months when baby starts crawling around a bit, a short fast zoom is optimal. A 17-55F2.8 IS is great. A 5D and 24-70F2.8 is better (as long as Ièm spending YOUR money ;)! But long zooms are wasted at this point. You just don't let baby get that far away from you yet. This is when you'll also discover strobist.blogspot.com and rig up the playground with strobes because you're bored stiff of playing peek-a-boo.

Then, at about 18 months, when baby discovers running and the play structure at the park, you will be spending a lot of time on a bench next to other parents while your angel discovers socialization, sharing, and the awful taste of sand.

This is when you get your longer zoom. The 70-200F4IS is the ultimate playground stalker lens. The 2.8 is even nicer, but as these shots are outdoors you don't really need the extra stop.

Or you can add the 135F2 to your 50 and the 85 at this point, but then you're spending a lot of time zooming with your feet - which cuts into the time spent discussing diaper rash, food preferences, and - if you're lucky - something actually interesting and NOT baby-related with the other parents. But at this point, you have a nice full camera bag.

There - all nicely budgetted out to grow your camera bag at the same speed as your little darling, thus sparing the cost of explaining to your wife why you need another $3K in camera equipment right now. It's far easier to sell the budget incrementally.... trust me

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