Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Roger Schliefert
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Re: Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

A great option is the 28-135 Canon zoom. I know a few pros that use this lens on their full frame cameras and they do just fine.

You can always expand later with some primes, 50 f1.8, 28 f1.8, 85 f1.8 or 100 f2.0, 200 f2.8 etc. Personally I've got my L zooms then I've got my travel kit, 14mm Rokinon (Samyang), Canon lens 28 f1.8, 50 f1.8, 100 f2.0, 200 f2.8, 1.4x Tamron t/c w/ 580 flash. The zooms are a lot more handier but the primes are a lot more fun, time consuming and the end results seem more satisfying than the zooms. Also with the prime kit everything fits into a photo jacket, no bag!

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