Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Re: It's still a bad idea and a waste of money

carlk wrote:

Hmmm... What "craft" you can learn with 5DII that you can't with a, say, T2i.

MF, DOF control (no WA primes, plus the crop factor on DOF), framing outside of a tunnel, replaceable focus screens... the differences are significant, and immediately felt. I like the T2i, but treat it mostly as a "point and shoot" so far as my input is concerned... get it in the hyperfocal range, and check the review on the nice LCD to confirm everything went all right.

Did you start to master the craft only after you obtained your latest and greatest camera?

I had never shot "real" WA until FF. The best you can do (the best I managed) on crop was the normal-portrait split. Sigma 30, 85L. As long as the AF system was up to task, I mostly learned on those two focal lengths. I have a lot of great photos to show for it, but there is a definite pattern to my style that was formed from this constraint. 85L translated exactly to the 135L (with faster AF), the 50/1.4 on FF had a slight DOF difference, while being able to confirm focus (with my own eye) before the shot certainly helped. 24,28,35 FOVs are in no-mans land though, as the best you can do is a f2.8 zoom on crop (and 24mm only if you count the Tokina). This means you are starting at f4.5 equivalent DOF from the get-go... if you are willing to spend $1000 on the 17-55/2.8 IS, or split the difference between the 11-16/2.8 and a 3rd party 17-50/2.8. What I learned from my crop cameras was WA meant "everything in DOF", and because of lens speed + sensor noise, mostly outdoors. A number of years, and opportunities, wasted... but with little recourse besides film (or the $3k+ 5D classic). I learned a type of photography, but not the matured style I now practice.

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