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Thanks for posting these. Your test gives a good general indication of what you can get from your HS10. What I mean by when I say "you" ......is that you are getting images here at ISO800 from your camera, that some guys can't even managed to squeeze out of their cams at ISO100 at times.

And it is not their fault. Let's be honest here, there is not a whole lot one can do too wrong shooting in broad daylight with very high shutter speeds to get a badly resolved image.
Take this photo (linked below) for instance, and enlarge it just a little.

There is no detail in the brickwork by the wheelie bin, there is no detail in the tarmac on the road, and there is no detail on the hedges in the foreground. The exposure is fine, so the photog didn't do anything wrong really. So why is he getting images at base ISO that don't even resemble your test image at ISO800?

Which leads me to one question about your test that you didn't state in your post....did you shoot raw and convert, or did you shoot jpeg and post straight from the camera?

I think that from looking at your test shots, Steve was pretty accurate in saying ISO800 is the cut-off point and that ISO1600 could be used if exposed right (and probably shot in raw too). And I agree with him that ISO3200 & ISO6400 are useless and a bit too far.

From an IQ piont of view....The only real gripe I would have with your test shots here is that there is a lot of distortion on the lens....I presume that book is square and not curved like that? But that's the price you will pay for such an adventurous lens. It's probably more exagerated by being so close to the lens. It's not quite as bad on Painterdude's horizon here below.....but it still have a bananna curve to the horizon which would be frowned as a cardinal sin by serious landscape shooters. It will need to be fixed in PP, so Jpeg shooters should be aware of that. That was one great thing about the Pannys...they do all that in camera automactically.

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