High quality and/or cheap C-mount lenses?

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Re: High quality and/or cheap C-mount lenses?

Right, I want to buy something cheap and just use it for fun/creativity. The question is: which lenses are the best value? I hear that the Pentax lens is a good buy, but are there even better ones? (as in either higher quality for the same/similar price, or same quality for lower price)

Well, if you want cheap lenses you have few options. First would be a cctv lenses like Pentax/Cosmicar will do the trick. Computar is also known in Security industry as solid performer on a small budget.

You can also dig around the the Eb*y and find some inexpensive low end Cine lenses in c-mount. (there are some under $200) Here are few options to search for:
Animar (consumer quality cine lenses made in 50s by Bausch and Lomb USA)
Raptar (later version of Velostigmat made by Wollensak USA in 60s)
Ektar (top of the line Kodak aslo from 50-60s)

Good thing about cine stuff that you buy used on auction, is that you will not loose any money on it when you sell it later down the road. Just do a bit of a research and wait for auction. Don't use "Buy Now" option and buy Ektar for $700 cause I saw some on eb*y, just wait for decent auction. Hope this helps.

Here is the sample with 63mm ektar probably at f2 (look how well it handles the bokeh, and its the toughest one with lots of tree branches and brick wall on background) And this is one of the cheapest Cine lenses I have.

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