Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Re: Wrong priority...

The differences are not as pronounced as you would think. Most of Canons cropped sensors are not that different from one another when it comes to ISO performance. If you want to step up your ISO performance you will always have to make the jump to full frame. I have come to this conclusion as I currently own a Rebel XS and am in the process of upgrading. I was looking very hard into the 7D but no matter how I looked at it from comparisons only I could not find any gain in low light performance worth mentioning. Going to the 5D MII though is a big gain but the advantage over the 5D MI again is soso.

My reference is:

It is very interesting to review their ratings of camera sensors.

This is also of course not the only resource I reviewed. It only confirmed more or less what I had concluded from other online comparisons already.

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