High quality and/or cheap C-mount lenses?

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Re: High quality and/or cheap C-mount lenses?

I can't really vouch for any of these lenses, moreover I would not call any of these c-mount lenses High quality. Some of them might be better quality than others, but they are still CCTV lenses that were mnf to the lower standards, using cheap glass. Because there were meant to be used on low resolution Monitors and low res recording (generally 480x320 lines or so) They were not meant to produce good bokeh, contrast or control much of an aberrations, etc. (but some will provide decent Sharp images) If center Sharpness is what you care for, go ahead and get some cctv glass, you will enjoy it. Just do not spend $1000 on cctv lens, cause I've seen it happened before. As long as you buy it cheap, you will always resell it to someone else who wants to try them at later time.

Now if you want High-end C-mount lenses and have some money to burn, than you are talking about Cine lenses from proven top-shelf Cinematographic and Photographic companies, such as Kern, Angenieux, Kinoptik, Dallmeyer, Cooke, Hugo Meyer. There were also few american lens manufacturers that produced great product back in 50s, such as Bausch & Lomb and Kodak. Of cause there were more mnf that I just mentioned, but I'm only mentioning some high end (with kodak being an exception, with decent image quality and medium build). In addition each brand had different lines of product with some better than others (for example Switar was high end Kern line, or Plasmat for HMeyer, etc)

One thing for sure most of before mentioned will provide great results with excellent color consistency, bokeh, ca and pf contorol, and most of cine lenses will give you excellent contrast and that is the fact. (unless you are talking bout un-coated Meyer lenses from 1920s, but those are mostly collectors items anyways) So again it all depends on how much money you want to burn, what fov you need and what is the draw characteristics important to you.

I had some samples of some Cine glass in this thread:

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