Beginners quest: can't build a clients base. How did you do it?

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Beginners quest: can't build a clients base. How did you do it?


I've always spent most of my time here at dpreview on the Leica and Nikon forums, but just realized I could actually get some great help on the Pro forum.

I was looking just now at another thread about how to drive viewers to your website.

That motivated me to start this thread and get some help from pros here. I would be incredibly thankfull if anyone could provide some help.

I'm a 29 years old, pro fashion photographer, living in South Brazil. I iniciated my carreer just 2 and a half years ago.

But I consider myself with some potential. Actually, I think my photography is quite good for so little experience.

Please, I'd love to invite you to look at my website so that you can judge my work.

I love my Nikon gear, and I think I got quite good with CLS flashes. Really, I don't think the level of my skill is low.

But, even after almost 3 years doing this for a living, I really can't have enough customers to make a decent income throughout the month.

It's incredibly hard earned cash, really difficult to find paying customers.

I won't give up, at least I don't plan to. Oh my, I don't think my photography is so low skilled that I should give up.

But everything that I do, just don't translate into greater income.

I try everything I can. I have my website, send newsletters periodically, visit clients, and so on.
But still, can't have decent income, just because I don't have enough clients!

Most of what you see at my website, are just everyday girls that want to be a model, or pretend to be a model, so they hire me for some photos.

That's it, basically. Heck, there are even works that were done for free!

So I'd really love to hear from experienced pro fashion photographers how was it for you, at the beginning.

How did you do it? How did you build your clients base?

Maybe I could try to follow your steps, even though my reality may be different, considering we are at different countries.

But I'd really apreciate any input at all.

Really thanks in advance!


Marcio Napoli

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