43rumors - Impending Death of 4/3

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Re: 43rumors - Impending Death of 4/3

nyfalls wrote:

Olympus will not redo all of their 4/3rds lenses for any reason. 4/3rds will be kept on life support - as long as their is money to be made there.

hasn't Olympus digital imaging posted losses for the last several years ?
Where is your evidence that there is money to be made?
Just making a new product doesn't mean it makes money.

All evidence now points to no 4/3. Every day that passes that there is no new 4/3 body/lenses/announcements is evidence that the system is in decline.

Show me some evidence, that isn't hearsay, to the contrary.

I don't have financial statements from Olympus. I don't know if they break it down to 4/3rds and m4/3rds.

I don't doubt that 4/3rds is in decline. I used the expression "life support" to refer back to my previous statement

"Olympus will release another camera in 4/3rds - why not put the most recent m4/3rds stuff in a cheap e-6xx series body and sell it at a profit."

I don't think 4/3rds can justify a bunch of separate R&D, but it will justify a half hearted E-630. If only so that they can claim to have two systems and continue to sell their backlog of lenses.

I would love to be wrong. I would love to see a e-4 and a 100mm f2 macro but I am not expecting it.

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