Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Re: Wrong priority...

maiaibing wrote:

...stop before you make a mistake!

Get good lenses first and a cheaper body. It will give you visible better pictures for years than the other way around. Also, lenses keep their price. Your coveted and expensive 5Dii can be had for much less or will be left in the dust by the 5Diii one day - and you can the upgraded body later in stead = better pictures now & better pictures when you have saved a little more. Clearly a much, much better way to move forward.

Hi maiaibing,

I'm not saying that you are wrong but the benefit of new bodies in the digital era is a lot more pronounced than it was during the film era. Technology is changing so rapidly that we have much better digital equipment than just a few years ago. Better ISO performance, better processors (digic 4 vs digic 1), affordable FF sensors vs. entry level crop sensors, and much more. The old dogma is not so much false as less true than it used to be.

With film bodies I used to go many years without upgrading bodies but with digital I can't get away with that as much anymore.

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