Best 'cheap' lenses for 5D MkII?

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Re: Wrong priority...

Hi maiaibing,

I really appreciate your feedback, and if I hadn't spent the last few months thinking seriously about this, I would completely agree with you - in fact, I am seriously impressed by the T2i/550D, which would allow me to invest in a couple of really good glasses... but this brings me to the reason for posting my original question, just to get suggestions on a bunch of reasonably good lenses (which I will then research and try out) for the camera that offers everything I could ask for, without the niggling thought in the back of my mind of having something my heart hasn't fallen in love with (and concluding that there is actually glass good enough in my current price bracket. If not, I will save a bit more). The T2i/550D feels like a plastic toy with my large hands, and the 7D seems is an expense for a lot of speed that suits a more demanding action photographer (offering pretty much the same IQ as the T2i/550D from what I have read).


maiaibing wrote:

...stop before you make a mistake!

Get good lenses first and a cheaper body. It will give you visible better pictures for years than the other way around. Also, lenses keep their price. Your coveted and expensive 5Dii can be had for much less or will be left in the dust by the 5Diii one day - and you can the upgraded body later in stead = better pictures now & better pictures when you have saved a little more. Clearly a much, much better way to move forward.

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