A trifecta of trains

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Flat view
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A trifecta of trains

My outing started with listening to track foreman Anderson requesting permission to set his hirail truck on the track at Linden. The Harrisburg dispatcher told him that it might be awhile—M3T was nearby, 13T was behind him, and Boston to Chicago intermodal/automotive train 23K was coming. She wasn’t sure where 23K was, but she figured on meeting 23K and M3T at Silver Springs and 23K and 13T at Linden. Mr. Anderson would have to sit tight.

A short M3T hustles eastbound at Dale, NY (below):

23K comes blasting through the Springs (below):

Big trucking company rides a big train (below):

Once 23K is gone, M3T escapes (below):

The dispatcher has tucked away a heavy eastbound 13T in the next siding to the west, at Linden. Once 23K clears, 13T pulls out. It’s a slow pull because the east end of the siding is near the top of the hill and most of his train is still coming upgrade (below).

13T has come down off Linden into the Dale Valley, and is now climbing again toward Warsaw and Silver Springs (below):

Further east, 13T has crossed the Genesee River on the 234-foot-high Portage Bridge and is now pulling away from the river. Norfolk Southern and CSX acquired and split up Conrail in 1999 (below).

Here is a link to the slideshow:


All photos taken with Nikon D5000 and 18-105mm lens.

Flat view
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