80-200AFS + 1.7TC or 70-300VR?

Started Jun 17, 2010 | Discussions thread
the_chris Forum Member • Posts: 97
Re: 80-200AFS + 1.7TC or 70-300VR?

It's also a matter of the camera probably. I have the 80-200AFS and use it with the 1.4x Kenko, but on a Fuji S5@6MP. Wide open with the TC at f/4.0 it is only slightly dreamy, stopping down to f/4.8 pretty much removes the dreamyness and at f/5.6, it is very, very sharp. Stopping down to f/8 does not add much to detail if any at all. Performance at f/5.6 pretty much matches that of the lens without TC at f/4. If one is not going to crop afterwards and is targeting a 50% resize, wideopen with TC vs. stopped down is only visible by microcontrast, detail then is pretty much the same.

But this is at 6MP, so the sensor demand plays a role here as well.


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