Request for a Leica Lens Talk Forum on dpreview

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Request for a Leica Lens Talk Forum on dpreview

Hello again Phill Askey,
Back in 2005 myself and others asked for a Leica Talk Foum and you created it.

Shortly after that I requested a Lens Talk Forum and you answered me that we were lucky to have this one. But now 5 years later I am starting another thread asking you to help us out here. Leica is among the oldest camera companies. Originaly Leica made Microscopes. This technical knowledge was an excellent spring board for producing cameras and lenses.

There is a bronze plaque on the wall of the old Leica factory at Wetzlar Germany commemorating the birth of the Leica . It reads " Here, in 1924. Ernst Leitz II decided to produce the Leica invented by Oskar Barnack".

Max Berek is known as the Father of Leitz Optics. Now Leica Lenses are respected throughout the entire world for their Image Quality. We know your dpreview forum helps bring to the photographing public many new cameras and even lenses. How about helping the general photograpic public to learn more about the Leica Lenses. Thank you for the 2009 review of the Leica 28mm F/2.8 Asph that is built into the Leica X1. Now I hope you could start out by doing a review of either a 35mm or 50mm Leica lens.

I think this could be an active forum as most people purchase only one Leica camera but these same people purchase several Leica Lenses. A Leica Lens Talk Forum could gell Leica users together and a pool of knowledge could come into existance right here on dpreview. Having a group of more home grown knowledgeable photographers here would be a good thing. That would bring greater respect to your already popular and world renown dpreview.
Please think about it.

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