Prove of the concept: $50 400mm set up

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Re: Prove of the concept: $50 400mm set up

Finally I came earlier from work today and caught a few minutes of sun in my backyard. To make it short the best result came from the bare Super Takumar 200mm F/4. Below are three shots of the same size (approximately). To make it even I cropped DAL 55-300mm and Takumar 200mm images approximately to match original size of 400mm setup (see above). Having in mind 2-stop difference of the 400mm setup, the DAL 55-300 and Takumar 200 images were shot at F/8 and 400mm set-up - wide open. The exposure were kept the same - 1/640. All manual focusing due to quickly dimming light were accepted per camera focus confirmation. Here you go:

Super-Takumar 1:4/200mm M42 + Helios 2x M42 converter + Pentax K-mount adapter at 400mm, F/4(F/8 equivalent) and 1/640:

DAL 55-300 at 300mm, AF, F/8, and 1/640:

Super-Takumar 1:4/200mm M42 at 200mm, F/8 and 1/640:

Of course, comparing 400mm set-up at wide open is not really fare, Stepping a little down might improve IQ/sharpens. In the same time the shooting ability of the set-up degrades greatly, when stepping down, due to longer exposures needed. The whole idea of this set-up was based on relatively fast aperture of the lens. To close this chapter there are two more images taken with this 400mm set up.
My neighbor roof

a bird, sitting about twice further then previous roof shot

BTW, it might work with a better teleconverter. Would anybody recommend cleaner, brighter, and sharper teleconverter in either M42 or manual K-mount?
Thank you in advance

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