remote flash trigger for EP-1

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Re: remote flash trigger for EP-1

Godfrey wrote:

CWilt wrote:

I know there are many different ones out there and that more than a few can cause interference and image quality issues. Looking for setups that work with EP-1 but am interested it what has worked with other m4/3 bodies as well.

I don't have an E-P1, but the following should hold for it too:

  • The Cactus V2s work on the G1, the Cactus V4s cause interference and noise.

  • The Pocket Wizards work well.

  • The Impact units (available from B&H Photo) also work well, and are what I'd pick.

There's another brand that a friend uses with the G1, but I cannot recall the name.

None of them operate in dedicated control mode that I am aware of. They are simple slave operation.

Pocket Wizards are a given but pricey for this setup.
I had heard the V4s causing issues, which is why I startied this post.
Had not heard about the Impacts. Will check them out.

Simple slave is what I am looking for.

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