I think a third lens mount would be...

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Caught ibetween opposite camps...

...I can see Olympus' dilemma the modular camera is trying to respond to.

On one hand the staunchest henchmen of 4/3 HG and SHG, OTH the Micro Prophets clamouring for more lenses.

I feel caught in between, and the only way out I can see is a Micro 4/3 camera, with mirrored 4/3 adapter and possibly the GH1 sensor.

If it were for me I would rather see in the crystal ball a 30Mpx square sensor, with the same multiaspect of the GH1, so that anyone can select his favourite aspect on the fly.

But I guess Oly must tread very carefully, if it does not want to lose at least one camp. Therefore after the last interesting rumour I am inclined to think that while mechanically revolutionary, on the electronic side it will be less so.

I also think that a FT4 rumor is credible. Traditionalists have been attacking that site constantly but I have my own ideas on how they could be related to an official Olympus Centre, so they might have some capacity of double checking the information, although it might not reach them directly - a sort of backwater.

The other impression is that Oly is steering a transition which will take some years. In the end it must choose if to make HG and SHG lenses for Micro or gain some advantage from going mirrorless like Leica is appparently doing, thus making the same lenses mirrorless-compatible, perhaps on bigger sensors.

But of this the rumors say nothing, unless the rumour about the new Pentax-like pancakes and wider image circle is upgraded to a higher attention level.

But don't shoot the messenger, I don't have a vested interest, of if I have, it is in both camps.
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