E-PL1 versus E-P1

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Re: I love the control wheels

I have to second that, and expand on it. I have used many cameras, including Canon and Nikon semi-pro models, and the E-P1 has absolutely the best controls of any camera for somebody who is particular about getting precise exposure.

By changint options, it lets you choose which wheel does exposure comp and which one does aperture. I chose the top one for comp, in which case you don't have to push any button. Whenever you turn the wheel, it immediately changes exposure. On top of that, the live histogram is very large and very useful.

I also have a Panasonic G1, and originally I was leaning towards supplementing it with a GF1, which would have allowed me to use the same battery and charger. However, while I generally like the G1, I hate the way its control wheel has to be depressed to switch between aperture priority and exposure compensation. It's live histogram is also too small and compressed to be useful. The GF1 I found is even slightly worse than the G1, because the control wheel in the back is even harder to use accurately with your thumb.

MadsR wrote:

They make setting up and shooting very fast when walking around being a typical tourist, which is the main job of my E-P1 (replaced aging Canon Powershot)

I would like the E-P2 because of the EVF and especially now that it is availabl in silver it is really loveable!

The E-PL1 is a nice camera but I would miss the wheels, simply flicking my thumb while holding the camera with friction on the "leather" patch to "fix" exposure or aperture (80% of my shots are done in A mode).. that is just wonderful...

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