ICC nightmare (Photoshop / epson 9900)

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ICC nightmare (Photoshop / epson 9900)

Hi everyone,

I have been using an epson 9900 for 9 months and I still can't configure Photoshop and the driver to have proper color consistency.

(chosing simple options, not in a very rigorous way, let me do the job with my usual epson paper ... but it's no pro attitude ...)
Now I need to use a Cason Paper, and its ICC profile must be used.
See my configuration :
photoshop :

PS manages colors (it's the only way to use downloaded profiles ... and the option is generally recommanded.)
The paper/printer profile (delivered with the printer driver) is used
Soft proofing is on and configured to render this same paper/printer profile
Printer driver:
Color management is off.

Then I start the printing process and obtain a print preview that is desperatly different from the softproofing.

In fact the print preview has insane colors ... and unfortunatly the result on the printer in consistent with this insanity ...

I join the screens of config and preview/proofing comparison ...

NB: I use no screen profile for the moment ... the color schift caused by this can't explain the difference between preview and softproofing ...
(as both should be schifted the same way ... right ?)

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