I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

Fl_Gulfer wrote:

Thanks for the great write-up... I had a hell of a time trying to deceide between the K-X and the K-7 and it finaly came down to the WR that swayed me to the K-7 and have been very happy with my decision. Most people never have to go above iso 1600 and if you do get some better lighting or faster lenses...yes?
Cameras & Lenses listed in Plan.

Yep I agree most enthusiast shooters who are budding pros (enthusiasts) don't shoot much above ISO1600. First most times we want MAX IQ this means with any APS sensor dSLR including the K-x, ISO 100-400, go beyond that and IQ suffers. So when I am shooting serious if I have to go above ISO 400 I have a nice tripod and two heads - ball/pan-tilt that I use a lot, maybe 50% of my shots. Because if you really want MAX IQ a tripod is it and always has been. Even when I go walking places I have my tripod on my back and use downtown Detroit, outdoors/indoors... where ever I can. When I can't, I need speed, or my nice big Promaster 7500EDF flash. This will usually get the job done in any setting indoors. If I can't use flash and its low light I need high ISO that is over ISO 800. I can go to ISO3200 and thats good enough at wide openings to 'get the shot', but it won't be of the quality of ISO100.

I won't say much about dark shooting, because there has been only 1% or less of my shots that I needed to shoot in the dark.

Now I know there are situations you need high performance in the AF system, sports, weddings... and other fast moving events pros get paid to do. Pentax did not build any of their dSLRs for paid pros doing fast action photography (including the 645D). Read some of the interviews with the designers, they always had the enthusiasts and serious/advanced enthusiasts in mind. Of course with the 645D they have high paid pros in mind. The SAFOX system has always been rated very accurate, it nails the focus. I think Pentax 'may' have made a mistake but they stuck with accuracy versus speed and even use it in the 645D. But everyone in this large diverse planet of ours does not stand on sports sidelines and take pics of players. They may like trees or flowers...

A quote from DPR on the K-7 AF... yes they said its slower than a D300 but also said this

"Having said that, the AF is accurate when it locks on (in none of our several hundred real-life sample shots that we took while working on this review did we have any issues with focus accuracy) and performs more than sufficiently well in the vast majority of shooting situations."

A quote from the "Pros" section for the K20D review.

"Accurate, reliable auto-focus "

A quote of the Canon 550D

"Accuracy isn't guaranteed in 100% of all shooting situations 100% of the time, and the system really isn't capable of following sports or fast action, but for less critical subjects the 550D is quite capable of punching its weight"

A quote of the Canon 7D

"The EOS 7D's Auto Focus performs very well under any condition. The camera locked the focus very quickly with with Canon's standard and Ultrasonic lenses alike (the latter give you the additional benefit of focusing almost silently). As usual we shot a few hundred real-life sample shots while working on this review and only had a very small number of pictures that were not focused properly. "

As stated they take several hundred real world shots, the K-7 nailed all of them the Canons missed some. Nikon I have to say gives you the best of both... Canon is better for sports versus the Pentax, Pentax is better for day to day shooting with its higher accuracy versus the Canon. Nikon beats all. Gotta be honest. And maybe the Canon is better than DPR is suggesting?

In any case Pentax gives what most need, accurate reliable AF. It can't be the best of everything... not even close.

However you got very high value in your purchase of the K-7 congratulations and just take pics and have fun ;).

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