Having doubts of ditching my DSLR for only micro 4/3rds

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Re: I think it is a great add on to a dslr but not a replacement

Ditto here. I've thought about selling the DSLR's (E-1 and E-3) but haven't yet. I told myself I would see the 50-200 to finance my GF-1....and haven't yet either. Right now, m4/3 isn't mature enough to meet "all" needs. However, only you know what your needs truly are. Maybe you don't "really" need a DSLR anymore.

However, as noted, the E-1 is going for nothing on Ebay. Mine is not in perfect condition anymore. I've seem them going on Ebay for as little as $165! The highest I saw was "new in box" (not sure I believe it) for about $375. E-3's are also low balled lately. I'm not sure it's worth it to take the massive hit on the $1500 body I bought in May 2008 and still have factory warranty on until 5/2011. Not many of the used E-3's are moving on Fleabay these days. Over at the "other forum", I've seen E-3's selling in range of $625-875 in the last month of so. I cannot see parting with it for that price unless there is a compelling reason to do....ex. "must have video on DSLR", "must have > 8fps", "must have full frame", "must have a much smaller DSLR body", etc.

Keep the E-1, it's a classic. I'll probably send mine into Oly for services and an overhaul and see how long it will last

My GF-1 now sees about 75-80% of all the action!

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