In-camera sharpening?

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Re: In-camera sharpening?

Thanks for the input Gerald-- and thanks to all who replied.

I shoot RAW primarily using one of our Canon 5DII cameras (or 5D w/ remote) but recently bought a walk around "rugged" P&S. One review I read stated that the images were apt to be a bit soft which got me thinking about this.


GeraldW wrote:

As a follow up to the post by Timzee, I'd add the following.

1) Not all cameras do in-camera sharpening equally well. So if you had one which didn't do it well and left too many artifacts, or the image took on a "plastic" look, or looked over etched, then you'd be better off doing it in post processing.

2) Not all post processing software does sharpening on JPEGs equally well. So if the camera does in-camera sharpening well, you could be better off using that than trying to post process with poor software. Plus their's Timzee's issue of degradation because of multiple passes through an editor.

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