I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: Better late than never

pcarfan wrote:

RogerMexico wrote:

I missed the first post back in January. And, had I seen it, I was then in my anti-Pentax phase, I would have most likely disagreed. Then, I started to look more carefully at what Sabatella was saying, along with Gordon B Good. Also looked at the shooting that was coming from Kietha, the Mouse, devisor, areid jr. and others. And thanks mainly to the patience and good counsel of Leo, I gave k7 a go. I bought two primes (in fact I have a third one, the 40mm on order from B&H) and became a convert. No sooner had this conversion taken place, than this site turned into a second D700 forum. Like you, I looked at several systems and like you went with Pentax for several reasons (yes I have lenses dating back to K1000 days but I don't use them) but mainly because of the primes. Now, I want to simply say enough of this d700 talk. It's a good camera, heck almost all the DSLRs today are good cameras. But if you are happy with the d700 then tell the people in that forum, if you want to exhibit your d700 photos, then exhibit them in that forum. If someone wants a 12 mp FF then let them go to the d700 forum for information, if they want a 21mm FF w oustanding video capability let them go to the Canon forum. I know that Pentax has its shortcomings; man, I spent a lot of time pointing them out along with ASA-5. But, the K7 really is a good piece of gear and for probably 95% + of the people who do photography it is more than sufficient.

RogerMexico, it's great to hear your frankness and integrity in revealing your transformation.

The K-7 probably is sufficient for 95% of the folks out there, but also my point is, is there a camera that is 100% perfect. I don't think there is such a beast. But, that is not to say there are no better cameras than the K-7 (I know the D700 under frequent discussion recently is better in most aspects), but they have major compromises as well.

I can live with the compromises K-7 comes with (which allows me to enjoy the Pentax primes with SR and have a compact kit etc.) better than having to deal with the compromises (including cost and size etc.) the other systems come with....they all have compromises, it is a matter of which compromise better suits each persons photographic needs.

I really really do enjoy using my K-7.....I came back early from work today, and I am itching to go to the park near me to use my K-7, but I know it will be the same bugs and plants that would be there today, but I really enjoy using this camera - holding it, manipulating it and shooting with it is pure joy.


Very well said. There is no perfect camera, or at least there is no single camera that is the best possible fit for all users at all times. The D700 is an outstanding performer, but it is also an expensive brick, especially when fitted with the top quality lenses it deserves. Not everyone needs or can take advantage of its prowess. For them, it would be pointless and painful to carry such a camera around their necks for hours at a stretch.

I am a relatively recent owner of a K-7. It really is a pleasure to use, and the IQ, for the sort of photography that I do, is outstanding. I have made some truly eye-popping prints that I doubt could be significantly better if shot with a with a FF Nikon or Canon. For now, I am satisfied. Ask me again when the K-8 comes along.


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