I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: Better late than never

I too somehow missed this thread in Jan....

I have been harboring the suspicion that a little NR processing of RAW images will go a long long way. I've been very curious about Topaz DeNoise, based on what I've read. I'd be interested to know if either of you have used it?

The only time I shoot high iso is indoor basketball, and I didn't get to do enough of that this year. Outside of that I usually leave my K7 on ISO 200, on the theory that that is its base ISO, and so twice as fast and about the same quality-wise as ISO 100. I sometimes go to 400 and very rarely to 800.

I have also switched off the in camera NR on my K7, on the theory that having the RAW data and processing it later on my computer will yield better results now, and even more so in the future as tools improve.

Last but not least, at any ISO, I always aim to over-expose slightly (ETTR) as long as I can do so without blowing out the highlights. Care has to be taken with this, as the histogram that is displayed is based on the JPEG, not the RAW file. I always shoot RAW+ and use the JPEGs as a sort of proof sheet. For that reason, I don't set the JPEG settings in such a way as to improve the usefulness of the histogram. For that, I just use the right side of my brain.....

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