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Re: Shutter speed too high?

randyman wrote:

Habemus_Canon wrote:

With video, you need slight motion blurring in each frame otherwise the resulting movie looks jerky like the opening scene of "Saving Private Ryan." Set the slowest shutter speed your framerate will allow. Especially needed if you choose 24 fps.

The idea is right, but for something coming the closest to the kind of "film look" we're used to, the accepted practice is to shoot using a shutter speed that is half the frame rate.

In the case of the 7D at 24fps, the ideal shutter speed would be 1/48, but the closest the 7D can come is 1/50 - really, not far off enough to cause a problem. When shooting at 30fps, you would switch to 1/60.

When shooting at 60fps for eventual slomo playback at 24fps, you would still shoot at 1/120.

The notion of shooting at the slowest shutter speed the frame rate will allow could turn your footage into flowing mud, especially the farther past 50% of the frame rate you go.

This is ridiculous. Physics dictates that the slowest shutter speed can be no slower than the frame rate. For 24 fps, that would be 1/30th of a second on a 7D. For 60 fps, the slowest speed possible is 1/60th of a second which is higher than your recommendation of 1/48th of a second for 24 fps. How is that "flowing mud"? If you think you can get a slower shutter speed than that which is what you are alluding to, you need to rethink the physics involved. I stand by my recommendation. 1/30th of a second and 1/60th of a second (the slowest possible shutter speeds for 24 fps and 60 fps) are more appropriate in most situations (sports and "enhanced reality" look excepted) than a faster speed and will make for a smoother, less jerky, easier to watch, more film-like look.

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