Your photos are crap!

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David Schmidt Senior Member • Posts: 1,289
Your photos are crap!

OK, I know I got your attention.

What I am actually wondering, is do people who post their images here actually want honest comments and criticisms.

I am often bewildered by some of the atrocious images I see here, that are praised my numerous posters. Personally, when I post an image, my hope is to get honest feedback. If it's boring, uninteresting, poorly shot, then tell me. To me, that is one of the wonderful things about a forum like this. If you can get honest reactions from other photographers, it can help to hone your skills, and also see your images through the eyes of others.
So tell me....

Do most of you just want to be stroked every time you put an image up? Or would you prefer to hear the truth?

In my head, I can hear Jack Nicholson right now saying "You can't handle the truth".

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