New D90 vs Used D300

Started Jun 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
2005magnum Veteran Member • Posts: 4,473
get the one that fits you best

I have been shooting for 50+ years. I have owned numerous cameras. I have purchased and sold (especially with the advent of the internet) more cameras and equipment then I care to remember. I have learned over the years that the camera that feels right (like gloves, shoes, a chair etc) is the one you will use. Try holding both cameras and playing with the controls and then just hold them. Feel the weight. Close your eyes and imagine which camera you would rather hold.

I attended a seminar by Dewitt Jones many years ago (before digital). Jones was a pro nature photographer who wrote for Outdoor Photographer. I noticed that he had a mid level Canon. He was not using the top of the line Canon SLR. He told me they were to heavy and uncomfortable.

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