NEX 16mm + Digital zoom = Excellent normal lens

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Re: NEX 16mm + Digital zoom = Excellent normal lens

Something wrong with your figures. The central 3rd would be 1/9 of the sensor or 1.6Mp. Actually it seems you images are 1.8Mp (not 4.5Mp) so you are only using about 1/8th of the sensor!

That means you would effectively have got a camera with a fifth the sensor size of µ43. That's smaller than what some bridge cams have had. So you would have much worse high-ISO performance (compared to a 12Mp µ43 image properly downsized to 1.8Mp, or printed the same size), and on top of that you'd have a slower lens than the 20/1.7 and no stabilisation vs. an Oly body.

You'd also effectively be framing from a 1" LCD.

So I fail to see the benefit.

TheInfernal wrote:

I cropped two thirds of the samples posted by dpreview and left the central third to give an equivalent focal length of 72mm instead of 24mm. The results look quite useable to me despite the low-ish 4.5MP resolution:

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