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Fl_Gulfer wrote:

Now that you mention it I never had something like this happen to my K20D or my wifes K100D.. I thought this camera was weather sealed....hmmmmm
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Naw... nothing wrong with the K-7 (even though I own the K20D). Let me tell you my experience with dust and the OVF, not the sensor. When I first bought a dSLR (a GX10/K10D) in one day dust was in my OVF that is I could see dust looking through it. Big black marks, hairs... I blew it out with canned air and cleaned the mirror; then read how to clean your dSLR. I quickly returned my GX10 and they gave me another out of sheer pity for this sorry guy (me).

Every day dust would get in my OVF and I had to remove the lens and blow it off the focus screen. Sometimes I really had to work at it. Once blowing did not work. I read and watched the video on how to remove your focus screen. I will make this short. I ruined two screens trying to keep them perfectly clean ($100 lost).

At the suggestion of member Leo James M, I bought an Arctic Butterfly Travel kit, and the separate mirror/focus-screen brush. And I have learned how to carefully remove and re-install the focus screen. For over 2.5 years my dSLRs have been spotless. But...

Some gathered more dust than others on the focus screen. I had a GX10 that failed and Samsung sent me a new one. The new one did not get dirt in the OVF as fast as the old? When I bought my K20D it did not get too much dirt on the focus-screen that could be seen in the OVF once a month, maybe. Up until it was about 1 year old. Then all of a sudden it started to collect dust like a vacuum on the focus-screen. I finally gave in and wet cleaned it with Visible Dusts products and it worked, it really did put an anti-static barrier on the screen and the screen stays clean now at least for 2 months or so.

Some things I have learned the hard way and reading and studying this subject.

1. All our environments are very different, a blower does not work in my area and I use a good one, and know how to use it. A blower where I live makes things worse.

2. Because of (1), there is no one answer on the best way to clean your dSLR (not speaking of the sensor). You may just need a blower. You may need to buy a kit as I (spinning brushes, wet swabs, special brushes...). But know one can write go get a blower and trust me because it works for me all the time . Its a big world and some places have lots of dust floating around, rendering a blower more of a dangerous tool versus a cleaning device, in some, not all environments.

3. Dust, hair, spots, you can see when your looking through the OVF is on one of a few places - and no more 99% of the time . Its on the bottom or top of the focus-screen, or bottom of the prism right above the focus screen, maybe the mirror some say, but I have not seen this. All those areas are easy to get to, once you remove the focus-screen. I clean the top and bottom of the screen and bottom of the prism with my special tools and experience. Experience cost money in this case...

4. The problem with one camera seeming to gather more dust than another is probably due to a static charge on one of the surfaces, or a piece of dust that was wet in nature or oily and it spread a bit on the surface of your screen or prism. I have seen this happen a couple times, a wet spot on the focus screen and once on the bottom of the prism, that required a wet cleaning to remove; or it could be an oil spot from outside or from the oil that is used in the dSLR, yes a bit of oil is used in a dSLR. Dust comes in lots of flavors, combined with static charges and its been a problem since the first SLR was made and not a unique problem for the K-7, no way, no how.

Here is where I get all my dust/sensor cleaning equipment from except my blower which is a GIOTTOS Rocket Blower, their best product is the 724 Artic Butterfly, with sensor brush and you can buy a mirror/focus-screen brush for it as well. It worth a read at the least


BTW Everytime you take you lens off, your K-7 is no longer sealed and has a huge hole in it that air come into, including dust. PROs will tell you to ignor it. The Canon 5D was really bad at collecting dust (just had to throw that in).
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