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Re: How can one UniWB file work well under all lighting conditions?

Revision wrote:

It does not make sense that one UniWB file will provide an accurate in camera histogram under different light conditions (2800K incandescent or 8000K sunlight)?

You do realize that we are concerned here with the Raw image, not a jpeg? The Raw data record the camera's response to the light received by the sensor, regardless of its temperature . The camera's histograms display the relative numbers of sites of differing intensity, either by color (R, G, or B) or overall luminance. These numbers can indeed be affected by the WB multipliers used when creating the histograms and the jpeg images. But the multipliers are not applied to the RAW data.

The object of UniWB, then, is to make these multipliers unity (1) so that the histograms' numbers correctly reflect what's on the sensor as recorded by the Raw data. Lighting temperature has nothing to do with it.


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