E-PL1 samples - Vivid Festival of light | Sydney Australia

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Re: E-PL1 samples - Vivid Festival of light | Sydney Australia

I did a couple of shoots there and found the 20mm f/1.7 too wide for where you were shooting from. The kit zoom would easily be the best choice.

I did the following with a 40mm f/1.9 Schneider lens on my Olympus E-P1 from the 3rd level of the Overseas Passenger Terminal building and the framing was just about right...

Being up higher, I don't get the same level of reflections on the water. This shot is for 4s at ISO100 and f/5.6. I did others for 1s at ISO400 but found the 4s shots slightly better. I started shooting at f/1.9 but using a 57 year old lens, well it isn't the sharpest wide open.


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