LX3 and neutral density filters

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Re: Diffraction

Guy Parsons wrote:

Must be some intense pixel peeping going on.

No, not all. I mostly look at my pictures on 2 to 2.5 Mpixel screens. So any Bayer sensor above 8 to 10 Mpixels is also beyond pointless.

At 100% pixel peep I can see LX3 losses at f/8 easily and can sometimes detect losses at f/5.6 so the situation is not so bad as painted by you. We don't want to frighten people!

We don't? Look the only people scared by that are those still hung up on the Mpixel race. Still, with the LX3, you can see diffraction in a comparison shot between ƒ/2.8 and ƒ/4. But I see that as a testament of how good the lens is wide open.

In real life I would say that the anti-alias filter and the Bayer pixel filter layout and all the necessary interpolation to get RGB back into each pixel dramatically alters any theoretical approach to determining diffraction loss.

In real life, the Airy disk at ƒ/8 covers about 20 pixels, and 10 at ƒ/5.6. Any thing above 4 pixels is going to degrade the image quality, even with the anti-aliasing filter, the Bayer filter mosaic, etc.

In everyday shooting I use P mode and the aperture wanders where it likes and I see no problems with normal full screen viewing or on any print size that I make (I only print to A4 size maximum but occasionally print crops that make the "zoom" a bit longer).

In everyday shooting I don't really care much, as even ƒ/5.6 is plenty for my designated purpose with this camera. I do avoid going above that, though.

Still, if I'm already carrying filters and the filter holder with me, I will use an ND filter and not go above ƒ/4.

By your same reckoning then something like the TZ10/ZS7 would really have a bad result at any aperture, yet it manages to display some reasonable resolution.

And what else is new? If the lens is any good (and given how Leica rebranded that particular camera, I do expect it to be one of the finest Panasonics, as is the LX3) the ZS7 is diffraction limited from the onset, at ƒ/3.3. That's not to say it's a bad camera, though. It's just to say that giving it any additional Mpixels would be thoroughly pointless. But that's nothing new as far as I'm concerned.

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