Nikon 105VR vz 60AFS sharpness at large appertures

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Re: Nikon 105VR vz 60AFS sharpness at large appertures

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

avins wrote:

Just a little question to owners of both , Im trying to decide between the two. According to photozone , there is a quite a difference in sharpnes , especially at f2.8 to f4 in favour of the 105 although people rave a lot at the sharpness of the 60afs, yet the 105 is sharper all in all . You see, I intend using either lens as a general street lens as well .

Photozone test all their lenses using a fairly large target - I don't remember the exact size but nonetheless it tells nothing about performance in close-up photography.

or at infinity.

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