BestBatt battery incompatible with the European G2

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The ultimate generic is AA batteries

Nikon provides adapters for their top end pro bodies and for their battery grips to allow use of AA batteries because in many parts of the world you can't count on recharging for the camera batteries. When I'm shooting in really rural areas of developing countries, I will add a battery grip (which I hate, but it is the only option for this) to allow me to use AA batteries. There's a noticeable degree of inaccuracy on the remaining charge readout, less so with rechargeable AA, moreso with plain old batteries. I've been told that particularly when they get near discharged, metering results can vary.

Camera designers will tell you that the reason they don't just use AA batteries is that it allows them to do more complex things to keep all the electronic functions tightly to a spec. The control circuitry in lithium camera batteries helps with that. As long as the third party manufacturer gets that copying of the circuits and functionality right, you shouldn't have a problem. In the scheme of things, the extra cost of manufacturer batteries is nothing next to what I spend on lenses, and what I'd spend on re-shoots if something went wrong.

But, everybody has their own ways to be able to survive a hobby that's probably only eclipsed by golf in the myriad ways to go broke...

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