An LED Monitor For Photo Editing ?

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Re: An LED Monitor For Photo Editing ?

mosswings wrote:

CSMR wrote:

To clear up some confusions in this thread:

Computer monitors are generally LCDs.
They can use standard or LED backlighting.
An "LED monitor" is an LCD with LED backlighting.
Regardless of the backlighting, LCDs can be any of a number of panel types.

Now LED backlighting can take two forms, "RGBLED" where there are separate LEDs for each color, or just white LEDs.

The ideal monitor is a good panel (not TN) combined with RGBLED backlighting. But such monitors are expensive. For desktops any RGBLED monitor will come with a good panel because it will be targeted at imaging professionals. For laptops Dell has an RGBLED option on its Studio XPS 16 but makes the strange decision to pair it with a TN panel.

Finally somebody addresses the OP's question - is an LED-backlit monitor good for photo editing (these are called LED TVs in the TV world as a shorthand and to confuse consumers). Not if the spectrum of the LEDs used is not well-balanced. Most LED-backlit monitors, particularly the most affordable ones, use white LEDS which create a blueish sort of white and thus can have a limited color gamut. There are some LEDs that give a warmer white, but the spectrum of most "white" LEDs is strongly peaked rather than smooth like an incandescent light. RGB-LED displays, where white is created by mixing red, green, and blue LED light, offer the potential for more accurate color rendition and larger color gamuts. But they're hard to find. Note that the latest NEC PA-series monitors, which are extremely good for editing, are still CCFL if I'm not mistaken. RGB-LEDs are still quite expensive.

I don't think white LED has all that small of a gamut compared to standard CCFL. In fact, from what I've seen it seems like they tend to have slightly larger, if anything, and actually fully cover sRGB which most standard CFL don't quite manage to pull off (although close). Now compared to a wide-gamut CCFL, that is another story.

One tricky thing is that LED monitors might not calibrate quite right with colorimeters unless they have LED adjustment tables.

It doesn't seem like there are a lot of LED monitors though. Looks like mostly CCFL, CCFL-wide and then a few $2000+ RGBLED, but I could be wrong.

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