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David Heinrich
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Re: Try this macro rail - 4 way - cheap

I have used the adorama knockoff macro focusing rail. It gets the job done, but that's about it. It was not a pleasure to work with, I never quite felt my Olympus E3 was completely safe on it. Oh yea, one of the rails came loose from the other and fell off...I ended up having to use Locktite to secure it. I ended up selling it.

The rails I'm now thinking about:

Manfrotto 3419 / 454 micrometric
UN Two Way Precision Macro Focusing Rail for Copy Stand
Minolta or Vivitar focusing rail
Velbon Super Magnesium Slider

Linhof Macro/Stereo Focusing Slide #003834

The Linhof is uber-heavy duty, good for up to 4x5 easily.

and I am looking at the Fotomate. It looks less gimmicky than the Adorama or Adorama knockoff. I also like the 2 screws for securing the camera and possibly the lens or macro bellows.

The Manfrotto is also very heavy duty, because it uses the worm-thread design (I think it supports 17 lbs, 7.5 kg). However, I've read that it may be very difficult when working > 1:1.

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