Why is F6.3 the max? (DMC ZS7)

Started Jun 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why is F6.3 the max? (DMC ZS7)

CeeDave wrote:

2. more important, beyond f/5.6 (or even f/4) these cameras lose a lot of sharpness to diffraction (scattering of photons as they go through the tiny aperture, forming "Airy discs"). The image would be really mushy and soft at f/16 on small sensors... not useable, probably.

To put this in perspective, by ƒ/6.3 you're not capturing much more than 2 Mpixels of detail. Actually, this particular camera has a hard time ever capturing 12 Mpixels worth of detail: at ƒ/3.3 the most you can realistically capture on a 1/2.33" camera is about 10 Mpixels.

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