John, Riley, you got a licking... (FIFA world championship)

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Re: John, Riley, you got a licking... (FIFA world championship)

Rriley wrote:

ah, so handball gets latitude i wasnt aware of
but it still looked to me as though he reacted to the presence of the ball

thats all part of the game when youve got count drakula for a ref i guess, maybe all that horn blowing made him see red,.... so to speak

The Vuvuzela trumpets you mean...yep, can imagine that! They can register up to 130db on a single trumpet...imagine a stadium full.

aussies were pretty disgraceful, goalie could keep the ball captive (although he's prolly one up on Green from UK), team passing seemed non existent at any distance, but the loss of Cahill screwed it completely.

Green did make a big screw I'm sure he won't forget.

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