PC platform for pro photographer???

Started Jun 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
Bassman2003 Contributing Member • Posts: 956
Re: PC platform for pro photographer???

I think there are only two things to think about, which platform do you prefer and what software are you going to use.

If you are talking about "pro" photographers they will be using third party software, not anything that comes with the OS. So the platform is out of the picture so to speak. If you use Adobe Lightroom, it will be Adobe Lightroom on the PC or the MAC.

Its all about the software. This debate about creative work being done on a MAC started back when Windows or pre-Windows machines did have the creative software written for its platform. So people had to use Macs to get their work done. Not the case anymore.

These things both use CPUs and hard drives. There is not going to be much if any speed, efficiency or output difference between the two platforms. Windows 7 can be native 64bit. I use it and it is massively efficient.

It is time to end this debate about which is better. It is more about which works for you as has been stated.

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