Botswana decision - do I really need a longer lens?

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Re: Botswana decision - do I really need a longer lens?

For landscapes such as waterfalls and African sunsets take the 10-20.

Depending on how important the wildlife shooting is to you you can do ok with the 70-300VR but may find it a bit slow for early or late light meaning cranking the ISO way up. Consider renting a 300F4 or something more exotic (200-400 or 400) just for the trip as it would be pointless buying a wildlife lens if you may not use it once you return. Although an extra stop doesn't sound like much it makes a huge difference in speed as it doubles the light coming into the camera and knocks backgrounds out of focus far better. The image quality on the big primes and zooms is ultimately better if you have good technique.

For general walkabout shooting take the 18-200 as its light and small unless you plan on shooting close-ups of smaller animals which may mean the 18-50 is better as the macro version focuses up close.
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