LX3 for teenager use

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A Contrarian View

I'll take a little bit of a contrarian view here. I have an LX-3 and I LOVE the camera, but I rarely take it off of Program mode. I think they would find the zoom range of the LX3 kind of limiting and I think one of the ZS models might be a better choice for someone taking yearbook pictures. It has a very versatile zoom range which will get you close to the action but still has a decent wide angle. And when you're grabbing action or candid shots, you don't want to be thinking about camera settings anyway. The ZS models are more compact and has a build in lens cover.

When I bought my LX-3, I gave my younger sister, who is in high school, my old TZ-5, which is the predecessor model to the ZS series, and it worked out perfectly for her with it's 28-280 zoom. The new ZS-5/7 has a 25-300 zoom and uses AVCHD lite for video where as the LX-3 uses the older movie JPEG format.

So yeah, it doesn't have the manual controls, but when you're grabbing shots, you don't have time to think about settings - it's all about capturing the moment.

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